Agrofena Aluminium Phosphide 56% Tablets

Agrofena product Aluminium phosphide 56% tablets used to control pests in agriculture, residential houses, and storage buildings. These tablets, usually grayish or off-white, come in 3-gram or 10-gram sizes. These tablets contain formulation of aluminium phosphide and when we expose it to moisture it produces phosphine gas. This gas is a potent pesticide that kills insects and rodents.

These tablets are placed in areas where pests or rodents may be present, such as agriculture areas, residential houses, storage areas,  and commonly in grain storage areas. Once used, they release phosphine gas, which eliminates pests.

About these Tablets

Aluminium phosphide tablets are highly effective against a wide range of stored grain insects, pests, Bed Bugs, and rodents. With excellent penetrability across various commodities, these tablets provide comprehensive protection. They are lethal to pests at every stage of their lifecycle, including eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. Importantly, they do not compromise commodities’ food value nor leave significant residues behind. Discover the versatile uses of  Agrofena Aluminium phosphide 56%ww tablets for robust pest control solutions.

Useful Information

Product Category: Fumigant 
Active Ingredient: Aluminium Phosphide 
Chemical Group: Phosphine
Mode of Action:
It functions as a poison affecting the respiratory, metabolic, and nervous systems.
Formulation: Aluminium Phosphide 56% (ALP) Tablets
Targeted Crop: Diverse array of stored food grains.

Targeted Pest: Pernicious insects and pests infesting stored grain.

Aluminium Phosphide Tablets 56% 1.5 kg weight bottle

Aluminium phosphide tablets Price and Availability

two bottles of Agrofena Aluminium Phosphide tablets 1 kg packaging

Tablets in 1 kg packaging

Price: 2700 Rs

30 gm Aluminium Phosphide fumigation tablets in labeled containers showcasing Agrofena brand and usage information

Tablets in 30 gm packaging

Price: 250 Rs

Aluminium phosphide tablets 960g

Tablets in 960g packaging

Price: 2500 Rs

90 gm Aluminium Phosphide fumigation tablets in labeled containers showcasing brand and usage information

Tablets in 90 gm packaging

Price: 550 Rs

Tablets in 1.5 kg packaging

Price: 3500 Rs

info graphics agrofena Aluminium phosphide tablets
info graphics Aluminium phosphide tablets

Aluminium Phosphide Tablets 56%WW Applications and Usages

These tablets are potent pesticides used for effective pest control in agricultural and structural settings. With versatile applications such as stack fumigation, flat storage treatment, and burrow fumigation, they offer comprehensive solutions while ensuring safety and compliance.

  1. Stack Fumigation:


    • Calculate the required tabletStack Fumigation based on storage quantity.
    • Place tablets in cloth pouches or trays for easy disposal of residues.
    • Position tablets above and between stacks, marking their placement.
    • Cover stacks with a tarpaulin sheet and seal edges tightly with sandbags to prevent air entry.
    • Close all windows and doors and display a notice on the storage gate about ongoing fumigation.
  2. Flat Storage Fumigation:

    • Calculate tablet quantity according to grain amount.
    • Keep windows, doors, and ventilators open during the process.
    • Insert tablets using a probe 3-4 feet into the grain.
    • Cover the grain tightly with a tarpaulin sheet for gas retention.
    • Close all openings and display a notice on the storage gate about fumigation.
  3. Grain Silos Fumigation:

    • Calculate tablet quantity as per grain volume.
    • Maintain open windows, doors, and ventilators.
    • Place tablets in cloth pouches and onto the grain conveyor belt flowing into silos.
    • Seal all openings and display a fumigation notice on the storage gate.
  4. Burrow Fumigation:

    • Identify holes in the field and mark their positions.
    • After two days, identify active holes (where burrowing animals remove paper placed in holes).
    • Insert tablets into active holes using an applicator.
    • Seal the holes with wet mud after tablet insertion.
  5. Bedbugs Treatment:

    • Identify infested areas and prepare tablets according to the space.bed bugs treatment
    • Place tablets strategically in affected areas, such as cracks and crevices, bedding seams, and furniture joints.
    • Allow tablets to release gas and penetrate the hiding spots of bedbugs.
    • Keep the treated area closed for the specified duration to ensure effective treatment.
    • Repeat the process if necessary, following safety guidelines and regulations.

Aluminium phosphide tablets are placed in target areas such as burrows or grain storage spaces, where they react with moisture to release phosphine gas, effectively controlling pests.

  1. Place tablets near infested areas (cracks, crevices, under furniture).
  2. Evacuate the room after placement and wait for complete aeration before re-entering
  1. Locate the Burrows:

    • Identify the areas where rats are active (burrows or tunnels).
  2. Insert Tablets:

    • Place the tablets inside the burrows.
    • Ensure tablets are near rat activity spots.
  3. Evacuate and Seal:

    • Leave the area immediately after placing the tablets.
    • Seal the burrows to prevent gas escape.
  4. Phosphine Gas Release:

    • Aluminium phosphide reacts with moisture to release phosphine gas.
    • Phosphine gas is toxic to rodents.